Cylinder Heads

Spartan Motor Engineering is a well-established business that specializes in producing the best and fastest engineering needs for your cylinder heads for all kinds of cars. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts offers a wide variety of services, but most notably our complete head repair, all while making sure you get value for money spent on your valued asset.


Blocks are the powerhouse of your vehicles, and we are packed with the right services to keep them in the best condition at all times. Reboring and resleeving being our speciality (among other services), we ensure that your block is up and running as quickly as needed at highly affordable rates.

Cranks & Conrods

At Spartan Motor Engineering we bridge the gap between years of wisdom and service to help master challenges not just of today but tomorrow as well. Cutting cranks and repairing your conrods are one of our specialities and we pride ourselves on the speed of service, matched only by our quality.


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