Cranks & Conrods

Crankshafts and conrods are easily damaged and we are well equipped with providing you with speed and quality in getting your cranks and conrods engineered as quickly as possible.


Crank journals wear generally from lack of oil supply, causing friction between the journals and the bearings. This wear can cause different issues, one of which will require you to grind the crank. We offer SAME TO NEXT  day service on crank grinding for most cranks.


If your camshaft and crankshaft journals are not worn then we can polish your journals which does not change the journal sizes, but smooths out the edges on the journals. Polishing is a SAME DAY SERVICE. Upon request, we can polish journals while you wait.

Build up & Repairing Crank Nose

Sometimes your journal will be worn and can only be repaired with build up. Either we will build up your thrust or your big ends. Also the crank nose (especially the keyway) may be damaged requiring us to repair the nose and cut a new keyway. Build up is a form of welding and can take 1-2 weeks to complete.

Resizing & Polishing Conrods

Depending on the extent of damage, we can either resize or polish your conrods. Common mistake is that the resizing does not change the bearing size, but corrects the shape of the conrod. Your bearings are always determined by the crank journals. If your crank has been severally worn, chances are you will need to resize your conrod, so be sure to bring in both crank and conrod to make sure that you do not do unnecessary trips.