Blocks are the backbone of the engine. We offer a wide array of services from reboring and resleeving, to welding your block. Unsure of what needs to be done? Bring your block and pistons and get a quick assessment on the way forward. Don’t forget we offer spares (PISTONS AND RINGS) to make sure you get what you want and need through our one stop service.


Your block’s bores wear over time or due to misuse. We offer SAME/NEXT DAY reboring services which bore your cylinders to the next available size, which will require you to buy new oversized pistons and rings. Not sure where to get pistons and rings from? We can help you order them to ensure you get all your needs serviced at one place.


Resleeving your block is the process where we fit new sleeves/liners. Resleeving is needed where your block has worn beyond the available oversized pistons, or where you wish to reuse current pistons that are still useable. Some blocks cannot be rebored and can only be resleeved. Resleeving for most engines is a NEXT DAY service based on availability of sleeves, and damage to the bores.

Hone Block

Honing makes sure that your block has the necessary honeycomb pattern to enable optimum lubrication of your cylinders. Recommended only if your bores are not worn. SAME DAY service! Honing is included in all reboring and resleeving.


Is your block still mixing even though you have skimmed the head? Well the problem may be on your block. We offer SAME to NEXT day service on most engine blocks. Not sure if your block needs skimming? Bring it in and get a free of charge assessment.

Line Boring

Is your crank not turning? Or are your main bearing caps damaged/replaced? Bring your block in for lineboring where we bore through your main bearing caps to ensure the correct spacing is needed.

In some cases your thrust may be worn, which would require the thrust to be built up, and afterwards linebored.

Modifying Balancer Shafts

Some balancer shaft bushes are not available for certain engines. In these cases we modify your balancer shafts/block, to ensure that you are able to use the block without the need for the shafts.

Fitting Bushes

Need to fit cambushes/balancer shaft bushes? Subject to availability of bushes, we offer SAME DAY service!


Do you have a crack or hole in your block? We weld both cast iron and aluminium blocks, drill and machine excess welding.

Thread Fit Insert

Have your threads stripped? Has your bolt broken? We are able to remove broken bolts and fit threads, including Head Bolt threads. Depending on damage and availability of threads, we offer SAME DAY service upon request.