Cylinder Heads

The experienced hands working on your cylinder are unmatched. Coupled with our dedication to supplying you with best parts and affordable rates, you can be assured that your cylinder heads are receiving the highest quality service whilst under our care.

Complete Head Service

Servicing your complete head involves stripping, chemical clean, shot clean, fitting valves stem seals, cutting the seats & valves, lapping & seating the valves, setting the shims (if applicable) skimming the head and checking the compression. The service does not include replacing parts (except the valve stem seals unless otherwise advised) and pressure testing. Service is 1 – 3 days depending on assessment and availability of parts.


In the event that the engine overheats or a gasket is blown, the cylinder head warps and needs to be skimmed. Provided you bring your head in early enough this is a SAME DAY SERVICE. We recommend that in cases of overheating, that you pressure test your cylinder head first.

Shim Setting

Certain vehicles may require shim setting in cases where the tappets are noisy or where valves need to be replaced or seated. We can offer this service on its own, however ensure that your valves are still fine to use as setting the shims may only solve part of the engines issues.

Pressure Tests

Cylinder heads can be damaged for a number of reasons, including overheating of the engine or cooling system failure. Also you may have purchased a car with unknown history. It is recommended that you pressure test the head to ensure there are no cracks. Certain cracks can be repaired, whereas other will condemn the head to scrap. Either way you will be saving on money before trying to fix other issues. SAME DAY SERVICE. Please be sure that you do not confuse pressure testing with compression testing.

Compression Test

Testing for compression means determining whether the valves have compression. If there is a problem with compression, it could mean that your valves may need to be seated or replaced. Often confused with pressure testing.

Line Boring

Using our lineborer we are able to linebore your cylinder head to align your caps and head. In certain cases we may need to build up your cam journal as well where significant damage has been caused due to wear.


If you have cracks or wear on your head (e.g. water channels) we offer welding services that effectively mend cracks or ware on your head.

Shot Clean

If you are just looking for a clean we offer both chemical clean and shot clean services. Please note that by only cleaning, we will not service the valves etc. Unsure if you need a service, ask one of our engineers to assist you.

Assemble Head

In certain cases you may need to have your head assembled only. We do offer this service where you do not have the time or resources to do so.

Fitting Valve stem seals, seats and Guides

In addition to the above we also offer fitting valves seats, seals and guides, either on their own or as part of the service. Be sure that you know what you are asking for. Our engineers are happy to help you out should you be unsure.